Cold Fire Extinguishers Soaks Up The Competition

It has been about 3 weeks since cold fire extinguishers debut on discovery’s pitchmen. Since then, it has been getting a lot of rave and reviews about how good cold fire actually is, and how it is position to become a household name when it comes to fire extinguishers.

After Anthony Sullivan introduced this product, orders and inquiries have been coming in from fire departments and news reporters, all wanting to see if this product can bring fire safety into the next level and help protect and improve the lives of American families from fire.

True enough, cold fire lives up to its expectation and the various test put against them. Test such as putting out car fires, kitchen fires, jet fuel fires… cold fire works and proves again and again that it is the world’s best fire extinguishers.

The amazing thing about cold fire extinguishers is that usually puts out fire faster despite using less agents and creating no mess thereafter. For example in the Utah car demo test.. where it took 5 chemical based fire extinguishers to do the job of half a can of cold fire extinguisher.

In another test, 500 gallons of water was used to put out what cold fire did with just 2 gallons… the comparison is crazy and it sure got a lot of attention from the law enforcers and the fire departments.

In fact, many fire departments and law enforcers are now switching to cold fire and some even have their fire engines installed and filled with cold fire.

Fire safety is everything.. and when it comes to fire, time is crucial.. and that is where cold fire extinguishers stands out… and now.. with its induction into home use, more American families can enjoy the benefits that this extinguisher brings and make their home a better and safer place to live in.

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Fire Safety – What To Do In The Event Of Fire

This is a post about fire safety and what to do during the event of a fire.

When it comes to fire, time is everything and we must never be complacent for every seconds will determine the chances of survival and escaping from the fire.

Here are some fire safety tips that you can take away, showing you want to take note of during an event of a fire.

  • leave the building immediately
  • Never open a warm door
  • Do not take anything with you
  • Do not turn back
  • If there is no place to run… make sure you can be seen at the window
  • Keep a wet cloth over your mouth
  • Block up the gaps around doors with wet cloths to stop smoke getting in
  • Stay as close to the ground as possible

By knowing these fire safety tips, you will be more confident and know how to deal with escaping from a house/home fire even if you are lost in the confusion.

It is crucial to note that panic kills… so.. the more disorientated you are about what to do the safeguard yourself against fire.. the lesser the chances of survival…

Fire safety should never be taken granted for, and as we all know.. even for adults.. fires poses a great threat when there is an outbreak… so.. why not start educating yourself about what to do in the event of a fire, so as to help protect you and your family from the clutches of fire.

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Cold Fire Extinguisher – More Than Just A Fire Extinguisher

Cold fire extinguisher is taking the world by storm as it becomes a household name by being the no.1 preferred fire extinguisher. This is because it is not only non-toxic and extremely easy to use.. but the more important thing is, it extinguishes fire fast.

However, one of the thing that really stands out with cold fire extinguishers is that when you spray cold fire over your body, you literally create a layer of fire protection against fire.

You can see the details of the video here: Power of Cold Fire

Note that while this is not often talk about, think of what you can do to save lives when trapped and surrounded by fire.. and you have no where to run. The door outside is filled with hot smoking fire and the only way out is the window. The fire department has yet to arrive and you have no idea if they can make it in time.

You have in your hand, a spray can of cold fire extinguisher, and you know it ain’t enough to completely drown the fire outside the door… but then… if you spray the cold fire onto your clothes and body… it will help protect you from the burns of the fire and keep you safe while the fire fighters arrive.

With a cold fire extinguisher in hand, it just makes everything so much safer, not that this is a good thing to experience, but cold fire extinguishers gives you that edge that no other fire extinguisher can… and we can see clearly why it is being taken up and recommended by professional fire fighters and industry experts as the world’s best fire suppressant.

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Cold Fire Extinguisher In The News

As stated in the previous post, the power of cold fie extinguisher was actually put to the test and shown in the recent news… again proving the power and effectiveness of cold fire.

Here is how the story goes:

A car was set on fire, and you know how dangerous car fires can be… and traditional  chemical based agents were being deployed. Yes.. chemical based extinguishers, which is the better extinguisher as compared to water and carbon dioxide based extinguishers.

Still, it took 5 chemical agent based extinguisher to put out the flames in the car… not too convincing though… because.. nobody carries 5 extinguisher in their car and it seems like in order to put out car fires, the fire department needs to be present.

Using the same scenario, except this time, they used the most talked about cold fire extinguisher. True enough, cold fire lived up to its expectation… putting out the flames in the car in just seconds.. yes.. you heard me right.. seconds. and to further add insult to injury against traditional ones… only 1 canister of cold fire was used.

The best part was, the car remains as it was… that is to say, no messy powdery residue was left after the car fire was put out… and the car was not even hot !

The reason why cold fire works so well… is because it takes the heat away from the fire… and you have to watch the video below to believe it..

In fact, at this time of writing, cold fire is already taking the world by storm.. being the next wave of extinguisher and replacing old traditional ones. In fact, even fire fighters and police departments are replacing some of their fire extinguisher with cold fire.. because its more effective and we all know.. when fire is concern.. time is everything.

Safeguard your home and loved ones against house fire, have one handy cold fire extinguisher in place.. for you never know when you’ll need one – Click for more information about cold fire

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Cold Fire Extinguishers – Your Home Fire Suppressant In A Spray Can

Well… after so many post about cold fire extinguishers, I am sure you can agree with me that cold fire is by far, the best home fire suppressant you can find today in the market.

I mean, look at what this little baby can do, extinguishes fires fast before they can spread, it comes in a portable spray can format that is easy to keep and store, have unlimited shelf life, easy to use, totally non-toxic and safe to use… and even.. if you have to use them… it doesn’t leave a mess like any other agents does…

In fact, it was shown in the news that in a car fire test, 5 chemical agents were used to drown and kill the fire… but without much success… come cold fire… a single cold fire extinguisher actually totally kill off the fire in seconds… in front of every witness.

No wonder even professional firemen are recommending this as the best home fire protection you can have when it comes to protecting yourself against house fire.

I will get the video down here in the next post, just so to prove to you.. I am not kidding..

But despite all the rave and good things said about cold fire, do note however, that it is still not as complete as a fire extinguisher as it should be.

Cold fire extinguishers, are in fact, an all in one fire extinguisher since it is catered for and deal with all classes of fire

cold fire extinguishers are the best friend you can have when it comes to extinguishing small home fires… as compared to other home fire suppressants… cold fire works 300% better and faster, leaves no mess… is light… and is ultra easy to use… So.. when it comes to dealing with house fire… you can be sure that your property and loved ones is safe…

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The Power Of Cold Fire Extinguishers – The Test

Its almost crazy when you see how powerful cold fire extinguishers are. This video actually shows you how TV host Anthony Sullivan first test on the power of cold fire.

It’s simple, spray cold fire on the hand and… you guessed it.. burn them with hot blue flame…

and the result ? Well.. you can see for yourself…

Cold Fire is currently the best fire extinguisher today in the world, and with so much testing and promotion going on, it is set to take fire fighting and home fire prevention into the next level…

Have one at home, and it sure make your home a lot safer from house fire…

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Home Fire Prevention Tips – How To Prevent Home Fires

Home fire destroys and kills thousands of people every year. It is sad but nevertheless very real. Home fires can strike at any time… even if you are fully prepared for it. One of the main thing you can do, is to reduce the possibility of a home fire happening by taking precaution of the things you do every day.

This is the second post on home fire prevention tips, so… do take note of it and stay safe:

1) Don’t cook when you are feeling very tired, or under the influence of alcohol. Instead, go take a rest or opt for a snack like a small sandwich or something. When you are tired… you could doze off anytime and fire accident could happen.

2) If you are a smoker, don’t lie down when smoking… standing up can prevent you from sleeping.. and more so.. if you are tired, don’t sit with a smoke on hand.. dropping a cigarette onto the carpet or bed could ignite a small fire.. which again.. can turn disastrous..

3) Don’t overload your circuits or over use multi-plugs. Electrical fires happens usually when it is over heat or overload. So.. instead, use single plugs whenever possible.

4) I have spoken about gasoline in the previous home fire prevention tips, but that is not all.. to be more accurate, keep all highly flammable liquids away from the house and in UL approved containers… other such examples include paint thinners,

5) Finally and finally, still.. either have a water sprinkle installed in your home or have a fire extinguisher around in every corners of your home. Sure.. you may never get to use them.. but … when things get out of hand.. you will wish you had one in place. One of the best recommended brands are Cold Fire.

Hope this post on home fire prevention tips helps, but more importantly, safeguard yourself.. don’t play with fire and always never take fire safety for granted.

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