Cold Fire Extinguishers Soaks Up The Competition

It has been about 3 weeks since cold fire extinguishers debut on discovery’s pitchmen. Since then, it has been getting a lot of rave and reviews about how good cold fire actually is, and how it is position to become a household name when it comes to fire extinguishers.

After Anthony Sullivan introduced this product, orders and inquiries have been coming in from fire departments and news reporters, all wanting to see if this product can bring fire safety into the next level and help protect and improve the lives of American families from fire.

True enough, cold fire lives up to its expectation and the various test put against them. Test such as putting out car fires, kitchen fires, jet fuel fires… cold fire works and proves again and again that it is the world’s best fire extinguishers.

The amazing thing about cold fire extinguishers is that usually puts out fire faster despite using less agents and creating no mess thereafter. For example in the Utah car demo test.. where it took 5 chemical based fire extinguishers to do the job of half a can of cold fire extinguisher.

In another test, 500 gallons of water was used to put out what cold fire did with just 2 gallons… the comparison is crazy and it sure got a lot of attention from the law enforcers and the fire departments.

In fact, many fire departments and law enforcers are now switching to cold fire and some even have their fire engines installed and filled with cold fire.

Fire safety is everything.. and when it comes to fire, time is crucial.. and that is where cold fire extinguishers stands out… and now.. with its induction into home use, more American families can enjoy the benefits that this extinguisher brings and make their home a better and safer place to live in.

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